Monday, October 2, 2017

Renovation Update

I thought I would do a little update on the trials and tribulations of our kitchen addition.  The framing is done and I have a confession...  after the framing was complete I had a good couple of days of complete panic. You see, it looks like we just stuck a rather large box on the back of the house!

We have put so very much time, effort and thought into this renovation, including how we can best stay true to the house while also making sure it works for our family (and those that come after us).  I am all for staying historically accurate in a home but if it no longer works for the modern family then it is really just a museum and not a home.  If we were staying historically accurate, we would have gone with our original plan of adding a small mudroom addition to the side of the house. However, this would have been more expensive and we would have had to shoe horn in a kitchen to the existing space.  A contractor once reminded me that we are not the first family to renovate and that even back in the 1800's homeowners were renovating and changing houses to suit their needs.

I am confident that the inside of the kitchen is going to be wonderful but the boxiness of the outside was really throwing me off.  After having a nervous meltdown and consulting with both the contractor and the architect (who it never once occurred to me would let us put up an ugly addition) I am now feeling better.  Apparently, this is the worst that the addition will ever look.  Siding, trim, roof and windows will make a huge difference I'm told, as will landscaping.

We did have our first change order in that after seeing this big, blank wall I decided that we needed another window.  So we are losing a wall cabinet in the kitchen to add one more window.  I think it's a great trade off and will help with the outside.

Also, this was an oops.  We have two small windows on either side of the range and when they framed them in we discovered that our view was of the post that holds up the back door overhang.  So that will need to be fixed.

So there we are.  A few trials and a few tribulations (the view from the kitchen sink is pretty wonderful!).

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