Monday, May 8, 2017

Two Velvet Sofas

Finally, after what seemed like a very long wait period, my green velvet sofas arrived a few weeks ago.  I love them as much as I thought I would.  Perhaps what I love most is how the green changes throughout the day, or even depending on the angle one looks at it from.  It seems to glow!

Most everyone recommended I rethink the velvet, or at least not get 100% cotton velvet, mainly because it shows everything and supposedly won't wear like synthetic.  I can attest that it does show everything in that whatever touches it can leave a mark on the velvet, but I love that (and it goes away with the swipe of a hand)!  I want it to get spots of patina and use!  Everyone is welcome to lounge on them (except Rosie!) and, in fact, two days after we got them, Harris managed to get some of his Easter chocolate on them.  At least we got that over with and they are no longer precious!

I'll post more pictures as the room keeps coming together... I'm not going for a big reveal here.  It's taking a while to get everything in place and figure out how I want everything.  However, I will say that this room is quickly becoming my favorite place to be.


  1. Oh my gorgeousness. I love, love, love this room.

  2. Scrolling through my feed and was stopped by your beautiful room! Then found this post from Ann-

    I thought you'd love that post , although you might have already read it, but I thought about how you wanted your sofas to wear. I think the next piece of furniture I get must be velvet! Just to remind me of beauty that comes from life. Blog world can be so much fun! ❤️ Andrea

  3. Andrea, I hadn't seen that post from Ann but what a beautiful read it was. And yes, you must get velvet! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Nice and elegant, loved the design of these sofa sets. Worth having in home. Going to save the photos as will be getting them soon.

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