Monday, May 1, 2017

The Longview

Our vegetable and flower garden is tucked behind our field but even though it's set back from the road one does hear and see road traffic.  When we decided to put the garden here, I envisioned a "secret garden" and wanted a hedge in front of the deer fence that was tall.   My wish was to even have a door/garden gate that blended in with the hedge.

I started researching hedges and kept coming up short with options that fit all of my requirements: deer resistant, tidy, green year round, fast growing and pretty.   The obvious choice was boxwood but it is certainly not fast growing, plus, it's rather expensive and I had a long space in which to fill.

I started seriously thinking about other options but none of them sat right with me (plus we have a beautiful boxwood hedge in front of our house and you know I like to carry on a theme :)).  The problem was that I decided to go with boxwood on a day (week? month?) that I was very tired of the money we were spending on the renovations of Frog's Hollow.  This lead to one of the sillier choices that I have made here.

I went small, very, very small.  I ordered 10 American Boxwood plants on Amazon for $49.99!  Can you even?  They are cute, very healthy and in 15 years they will look amazing!  You know, when Grace is 30 and Harris 27 years old.  Obviously, we are taking the longview.  


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