Friday, May 12, 2017

First Harvest- Radishes

The garden is coming along, slowly, but surely.  It's been a huge time commitment to get everything in place and ready for planting.  While most of the beds aren't planted yet, our last frost date is around Mother's Day, I have sown some cool weather crops that are coming along just fine.  One of those is radishes!  I didn't eat radishes growing up, but I've come to appreciate their peppery bite and Grace loves them!  This year, I've planted several different types.  Radishes are a quick and satisfying vegetable to grow because some varieties mature in as little as 28 days.  Here we have Easter Egg Radishes.

I wanted to enjoy our first harvest by letting the radishes have their moment so I simply slathered a thick layer of salted butter on delicious bread and layered thin slices (a mandoline works beautifully) of radishes atop the bread.  A sprinkling of salt is the perfect finishing touch.

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  1. That is really good post, I wish I can harvest it at home as well but since it requires time and attention, I can't give both as doing job and have lots of stuff to do. Thank you for sharing it with us


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