Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ballet... currently

I'm not sure that I ever shared how Grace has approached her dancing this year so I thought I'd give a quick rundown of how it's gone...

At the end of last school year Grace was dancing almost 6 days a week (exclusively ballet).  She was in a program at her ballet school where the focus was on becoming a professional dancer and the intensity was only expected to ramp up in the years to come.  While on our trip, after giving it much thought, Grace decided to take a step back from that intense schedule in order to fully experience high school.  She was worried that she would miss out on activities, dances and friends.

While Grace loves to dance, and is very good, she has never had aspirations to become a professional so I thought that this was a very good decision on her part.  As a parent, it was a bit hard because there was that little nugget of "what if" but, in the end, I think it was the best decision for all of us!

But here's the best part!  The beloved director of the ballet school left after 30 something years and joined a new dance school in our town.  Grace and another former student were offered the opportunity to take class with her two nights a week!  It was the absolute best possible outcome and we couldn't feel more blessed.  Grace has the opportunity to continue pointe with an amazing teacher but it's local and only two nights a week!

The school had a recital this weekend where Grace had an opportunity to perform and it was such a lovely show.  She also performed a modern piece which is totally new for her.  She was beautiful in it!

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