Monday, February 27, 2017

Summer Trip Artwork

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From the time we were first married, Bryce and I have always collected some form of art from our travels.  While on our epic trip this summer, we thought and thought about what we would get to represent the amazing sights that we saw in the 9 weeks we were on the road.  In traveling to the National Parks we didn't have much access to art galleries or stores (except the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite) nor did we really want to buy something that only focused on one of the parks.

Toward the end of the trip, we visited Mt. Rushmore and it was here that we saw the work of Chad Farnes.  His pieces were displayed, he had created a work for each of the National Parks in honor of the centennial, and we loved what we saw.  I contacted him immediately and he agreed to make something just for us.  We collaborated with Chad about what sort of work to do, and in the end, we agreed to do something totally fantastical to represent our trip.  I guess one can do that with art!

We picked our favorites, Bryce canyon, the Sequoias, and Crater Lake, and he created a collage of sorts.  I love that our Airstream is the main character in the piece and I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Ok... are you ready for the truly mind blowing reveal?  The entire piece is made of duct tape!  No paint, no other materials... just duct tape!  Isn't that amazing?


  1. How cool is that!!! Love that the artist was found on your travels.


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