Friday, February 24, 2017

Library Work

this is before we moved in

Today, the library is getting painted!  It's really more of a living room but I'm calling it the library because I've always wanted a library and because there will be lots of books!  This is probably the prettiest room in the house.  At one time, I"m sure it was actually two rooms but the wall was taken down however long ago and we were left with a lovely, large room that gets plenty of light.

There are two fireplaces in the room.  One of them didn't work probably and we had to rebuild the chimney.  The other fireplace had already been taken care of by the previous owner.  What a messy job!

My vision for this room has also been a bit English Country (or my idea of English Country!).  I want it to be beautiful but also comfortable and inviting to everyone.  From the moment I starting thinking about this room, I've wanted to do back to back velvet green sofas.  I was warned about how velvet can wear, but I love the idea of the velvet changing and wearing so that doesn't bother me a bit.  I'm hoping all that wear will make it look even better.  And of course, to go with the velvet one must have a bit of chintz.  I wanted floral but I wanted it to be fresh and pretty and I love the color palette on this one.

Which gets us to paint color for the walls.  You guys, this has been quite the process for me.  I actually really liked the green that was already on the walls but it certainly had to be painted because the paint job was rather poor.  Also, all the trim needed a lot of scrapping and prepping in order to look good again.

At one point I thought I might go for a pink on the walls!  Pink makes everyone look good, it looks great with dark furniture and it always looks amazing with green.  However, in the end, I just couldn't pull the trigger.  I was worried it would read too pink and I would always be a little worried it was just too feminine.  I also considered a beautiful neutral but, honestly, this is the one room in the house that can really hold up well to a strong color and I wanted to take advantage of that.

Which took me back to green.  I felt strongly that if I did green, I wanted the green to be close in color to the sofas (here is where I first saw it) but, again, I was worried that it would be too intense.  Finally, I threw my hands up in the air and decided it's just paint and if we hate it, we can repaint it!


  1. WOW! Love the all the green samples and your inspiration link. Can't wait for the after pic!


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