Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Today, Grace turns 15 (or as Harris keeps saying, halfway to 30).  While I cannot believe it, I'm so proud of who she is at 15.  It always seemed as if the teenage years were something to dread but so far her teenage years have been a joy- with the occasional wringing of hands and tear shed :).

Here's my annual top ten...

1.  She's an extremely conscientious student- she has way better time management skills than anyone else in the family!

2.  She's not a social butterfly but she loves her close friends and is loyal no matter what.

3.  She loves to write.  It can be short stories, poetry, or fan fiction, it doesn't really matter.  Often, I'll think she's playing a game on her phone or scrolling social media only to find out she's writing.

4.  She loves to adventure and has a definite sense of wanderlust.

5.  Her favorite shows right now are Downton Abbey and Stranger Things.

6.  This year she wrote a fan letter to Angela Lansbury.

7.  She needs a creative outlet whether it be ballet, hand lettering, writing, crafting or baking.

8.  In order to help her go to sleep at night (you might remember this is an ongoing problem) she will listen to a podcast, "Sleep with Me."

9.  She has this voice that she will use on occasion that none of us can copy but leaves us in stitches no matter the occasion.  In this voice she will often say she is "harassed" by all of us.

10.  So far, she has a steady moral compass.  My prayer is that she can keep it to help guide through the tough years ahead and always.

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