Monday, February 6, 2017


I've been going through my usual once a year sort of funk.  The weather has been so very grey (without snow), the news downright depressing, our house in a state of flux and moving oh, so slowly.  But I've been noticing acts of kindness all around me and have been touched by them.  It's such a good reminder to stop and do something kind for someone else because it's the little things that really can make a difference.  Oh, and people can be all sorts of wonderful.

Here are just a few...

A reader, who I had no idea was even reading this blog, sent me the kindest and sweetest email note.  It genuinely made my day and was such a thoughtful gesture.

My Mom has been having a hard time recovering from her surgery in December (she got an infection) and her neighbor, Claire, has been amazing and the best neighbor one could ask for.  Her friends have also been pretty great.

For my birthday, my friend Barb, got several of my very favorite people together for a surprise lunch. I was having a not great day and this really turned it around.  I'm so thankful for my friends.

We came upon an incident with a car (maybe he hit a deer?) and two cars pulled over and ran back to him to help.

I left fabric samples at a store and the owner popped them in the mail for me instead of asking me to make the trip back to the store.

My in-laws sent me an encouraging text message (sorry I didn't get back to you- it was right after that that I dropped my phone in the toilet!).

Two young adults, children of a friend, have helped me tremendously with a project I'm working on. They've been free with their advice and offers of more help.

What's something kind someone has done for you?

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  1. I really just appreciate everyday smiles from people and "thank yous." so easy for people to be kind to each other!


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