Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The New Hallway

So it turns out that I'm not a great interior photographer!  This is an interior hallway and I couldn't seem to get the light right!  We love the hallway and these pictures don't at all do it justice!

Upstairs, in order to get to the children's bedrooms you must walk down a short stairway.  Originally, at the bottom of the stairs, you dead ended into a closet with doors to two bedrooms on either side of that closet.  In order to get to the bedroom at the far end of the house, you had to go through the bedroom on the right side. That's not confusing, right?



Once they took the walls of the bedrooms down, it was like there was always meant to be a hallway there and, in fact, I'm not convinced that there wasn't one at some point.  In this picture you can see the original framing and how it already formed a natural hallway.  At the end is the stone that had to be cut out to form the doorway to Grace's room.

The cut stone!  Through the hallway, you can see the several stairs that lead up to our master bedroom.  The door on the left is the original doorway to the bedroom (now Harris's room) you had to walk through to get to this room.  We closed off that doorway.

The newly framed hallway.  We were able to add just a couple of inches to the hallway.  I was very worried it was going to feel very narrow but it doesn't at all.

We also added access to the attic above this section of house.

We also added a small closet to the hallway.  We thought it would add some quirkiness - which old houses are always full of - and functionality at the same time.  We put an outlet in the closet and it's where we keep our plug in small vacuum.  We reused the door after taking it out of one of the bedrooms (more on that later). 

Of all the things we hope and plan to do to the house, I believe that putting in this hallway was the best thing we will do.  It completely changed the way the house lives!  Now, the end bedroom feels like a part of the house.  I can stand in the middle of the upstairs and see all the rooms, which makes me so happy!

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