Monday, October 31, 2016


As the children get older, Halloween has become less and less of a whole "season."  It seems to be more about the actual night of trick or treating instead of lots of build up, parades or parties.  Or maybe it's just this year because we are still a bit unsettled in the house.  I'm hesitant to decorate because it just feels like adding more clutter to a house already cluttered with boxes and loose items that haven't found their home.

I have a tendency to let this unsettled feeling stop me from doing things, but I'm thankful that the children don't feel that way.  They asked me when we were decorating pumpkins, and I realized that we couldn't let that go as it's a tradition that they look forward to!

Grace decorated a Snoopy and a Stranger Things (she loves that show!) pumpkin while Harris made a face for his Grandma and a pumpkin with the Apple logo.  While we no longer have a front porch to put the pumpkins on, we do have a pretty great stone wall!

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