Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting Started

When we first looked at the house at Frog's Hollow, I loved it right away.  I also knew exactly what bedroom Grace would want because it had the cutest, tiniest bathroom attached to it.  However, the only way to get to that bedroom was to go through another bedroom (this is fairly common in old homes) or up the narrow, windy back staircase.    It also so happens this room is on the very end of the house so it was very disconnected from the rest of the upstairs.  While I wouldn't consider this house grand, I'm fairly sure that at some point this bedroom was a room for the help.

On the second, or maybe third visit, I noticed that all the closets were lined up down the middle, between two of the bedrooms.  I wondered if we might could make a hallway!  I knew that it wouldn't be easy as we would have to break through 18 inches of stone, but thought it could really be a game changer.

We worked with an architect to come up with a plan to make a hallway and realized that while we were at it we could enlarge the laundry and add a linen closet.  This would help us to "clean up" this area of the house, which was a bit of a mess and pretty awkward.  The house was built in several sections (we call it Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear) with the children's bedrooms in the original part of the house. This section was confusing with lots of odd closets in addition to being a dead end when you came down a few stairs to get to this part of the house.

This summer, while we were on our trip, we had the work done to the house.  In some ways this was great (no inconvenience, no living in a mess) but in others it was hard (we had to have everything decided before we left, we weren't here when issues arose, we didn't get to see the whole process).  The best part was that when we got home it was almost move in ready!

I originally intended for this post to have all the before and after pictures but I now realize that that would be just too long of a post so this is just going to serve as the introduction!  The interesting part will be up next!


  1. Literally cannot wait for your before and after pictures! You're doing such an amazing job on such a beaut house. xx

  2. Class for hanger... hurry... I'm ready!!!


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