Thursday, October 27, 2016

Framed Costumes

Years and years ago, the children were a Princess and a Frog for Halloween.  They were my favorite costumes and, in fact, a picture of them in the costumes has been the header for this blog since the very, very beginning.  For years I've wanted to frame them, but I never had a wall large enough for them both.  That is not the case in this house and I knew right away that I wanted them near the children's bedrooms on a large, blank wall that was made in the hallway renovation.

The new hallway makes a bit of a L here leading to Harris' bathroom and includes the new linen closet.  The door to Harris' room used to be on this wall but is now on the new hallway making room for the costumes!

I think of these costumes as art made by my Mom!

I had them framed in identical frames but different colorways.  The silver and and white compliments the purple and silver in Grace's dress and the gold and black brings out those same colors in the frog costume.

I had a moment of fear that they were going to be too big for the wall but they actually work perfectly!  I just love how they turned out.

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