Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Costumes 2015

I'm really late getting the children's costume pictures up as we just got back late last night from an amazing, wonderful trip to Harry Potter World!  I can't wait to share it with you.

This year, Grace is Totoro (a character from a Japanese movie) and Harris is Harry Potter playing Quidditch!  My Mom and Grace made the costume together using an old sweatshirt.  The cap Grace ordered online.  I think it's such a perfect teenager costume!

After much debate, my Mom made Harris' Quidditch robes.  This was a case where I could have bought a costume for much cheaper than making the robes and we went back and forth about whether to just buy one.  However, in the end, Harris said he would rather have a Grandma made one, and I'm so glad as it's the perfect fit and way better quality than we would have bought.  Plus, it's how Harris envisioned it!

We did buy a Gryffindor patch on Amazon, iron on letters for the back of the robe and Quidditch goggles.

Catching the snitch!


  1. The costumes are perfect! Totoro is just so sweet! The shot of Harris flying is amazing! How does he do that?! And he has the snitch!! Sure missed being there this year.

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