Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Father/Son Weekend Backpacking Trip

This past weekend had really shaped up to be full for all.  Harris had a baseball game and a baseball clinic, Bryce and I had a gathering to attend, and there was an open house at a school that we were interested in taking Harris to.  However, Bryce decided that it was more important that he and Harris go on a short father/son backpacking trip.  While I certainly don't advocate shirking your commitments (we did check with his coach to make sure they had enough players and I went to the gathering solo) I was proud of my husband in putting a priority on spending time with his son.  There will always be full weekends and commitments, but only so many weekends while your children are little and at home.

They went up to the mountains and it was the coldest weekend of the season by far!  It was so cold that they went to bed by 8 as it was too cold to even sit by a fire!  I thought surely they would be miserable, but both of them declared they had a grand time!

They saw gorgeous frost and glorious fall color.

They even saw the first snow of the season!

The trail had some very steep sections, even areas where they had to climb rocks!

Harris says this picture was for the camera....

and this picture was how he really felt after 10 miles of hiking with a pack on his back!

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