Monday, October 26, 2015

The Weekend

We had a busy weekend around here and though it was mostly enjoyable I'm feeling like I could use another weekend!  Here's the rundown...

Friday afternoon started strong with a house full of boys enjoying each other and the lovely weather! Harris and a buddy then walked around town for just a bit selling popcorn to support the Scouts.  I couldn't believe how generous everyone was, add that to the list of the things I love about our community! Afterwards, we grilled pizzas and sat by the fire on the porch.

Saturday, Grace attended her very first Bar Mitzvah and had a wonderful time.  She had to leave the party early due to Nutcracker rehearsal and was so sad that she cried the whole way to ballet (sad, silent tears- the worst kind).  It was her first insight into what it would mean to pursue a career in ballet.  A good lesson I think.

Meanwhile, Harris had his last baseball game of the fall season.  It was a nail biter!  Harris' team played his best friends team and there was all sorts of (I hope) good natured rivalry between the teams as Harris' team had only lost two games this season, both to this team.  And they were undefeated. The game ended in a tie!  Afterwards, Harris and Bryce headed to a Scout campout.  Brrr.

With the evening to ourselves, Grace and I went to the movies!  It's not something I do often so it felt really luxurious.  We saw The Intern and both loved it!

Sunday, was more rehearsals for Grace and youth group.  Harris tried out for a baseball team only to get to tryouts and discover that he left his glove at the previous days game.  As you can imagine, it's very difficult to field without a properly sized glove (he used Bryce's) so that didn't go well at all.  We also made and delivered invitations for Harris' upcoming birthday party.  While they turned out darling, all did not go as planned, and I found myself completely losing patience with Harris.  We also squeezed in time to go get the last touches done on his costume that my Mom is generously making once again.

So there is our weekend and, as it turns out, Bryce and I didn't even take one picture of any of the above!   The next couple of weekends (Halloween and birthday) aren't looking to be any more relaxed so I'm trying to gear up for what's to come!  I'm finding it tough to not be a crazy person....

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  1. Weekends can be so exhausting that I find myself loving Monday's calm quiet mornings!


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