Friday, September 25, 2015

Organizing using Pinterest

I've recently been trying to work through all my magazine tear outs and get them to the right binders.  As I've been doing so, I've realized that I simply have too many.  I don't subscribe to many magazines anymore, but I love getting my Moms from her after she's done with them.  However, I'm finding that I simply have too many pieces of paper to keep track of, I might rip a recipe out but never, ever make it because it's buried under 50 others!

I posted a query about this on instagram and almost every response sited Pinterest as their go-to for organizing this sort of thing.  So I spent some time cleaning up my Pinterest boards and creating files that I thought would help me with recipes, crafts and ideas.  I got very specific with the boards and organized by vegetables, desserts, mains and slow cooker recipes.  Lavender even has it's own board!  I also deleted those pins that I've either made or realized I will never make.  In the past, so much of what I've pinned was simply someone else's pin that I just repinned, but now I've looked up the recipes (and other inspirations) that I tore out and pinned them from their home site.  This took time but I'm hoping that it will be easy from here on out and that I can continue to delete, add and organize as I go instead of getting a pile that feels unmanageable!  It felt very superfluous to spend time organizing a pinterest board, but now I think of it as a tool in the running of our household instead of just something fun to look at.

Tell me, how do you organize all your recipes, ideas and inspirations?


  1. I've never thought to find the online version of the recipes that I've torn out of magazines and pin them, such a great idea! My recipe binder, which is literally overflowing and has thus become completely unorganized, has been sitting on my desks for months now as I've tried to figure out what to do with it. I'm definitely going to copy you! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I need to do this! My pinterest has gotten out of control, and so many boards that are not even relevant anymore.


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