Saturday, September 5, 2015

An Ice Cream Social

Yesterday, Grace hosted an ice cream social for her classmates.  She did the majority of the work, from making lists to creating decorations to setting up.  Overall, it was an easy and fun party to put together and the perfect end of summer treat!

She set out toppings for the ice cream so that the kids could make their own concoctions.

Grace created darling straw toppers using water balloons for the drinks .  They were so charming!

Frozen water balloons helped to keep the drinks cold.  Of course, they ended up being thrown at each other as the party progressed!

We stuck with basic ice cream flavors (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) that we picked up at our local dairy.  I made it my mission during the party to scoop and try to fade into the background. Also?  My antique baby bathtub was put to a perfect use!

Grace also set out water with frozen strawberries and cucumber slices.

Grace deemed the party a success, and I loved seeing all her friends together.  I'm thankful that she is in a class so full of really awesome kids.

If you're curious, I got the honeycomb ice cream and the paper goods from Oh Happy Day Party Shop.


  1. I've always admired you're baby antique bathtub! It's the perfect vessel for serving ice cream! The party, and of course Grace, are both darling.

  2. YAY! Such a great idea and such a fun party. Thank you so much for hosting and also for documenting as the rest of us parents weren't lucky enough to be a fly on the wall. :) And Shayla was so happy to be a part of your blog!

  3. It appears the daughter has some of the mother's knack for entertaining! So simple and relaxed too.

  4. LOVE the frozen water balloon idea!! Inspired!


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