Monday, September 28, 2015

End of an Era

We recently took down the children's play-set in the back yard.  It was starting to fall apart and the children didn't play on it very much anymore.  We bought the play-set (on Craig's list!)  10 years ago, soon after we moved here, in anticipation of a renovation and the need to be outside instead of inside. It has served us ever so well.  It's been a fort, a water slide, a castle, a par core set, a boredom buster and a playdate savior.  Visually and physically, it has taken up a huge chunk of our backyard and it seems so strange for it not to be there anymore.

And of course, it feels like another end to an era.  An era where my children asked to be pushed on the swing or to have tea in the fort.  An era where swords were wielded from high atop the castle and an escape from the bad guys was a simple jump down the slide.  An era where legs pumped harder and faster in order to reach the sky and where dizziness was highly anticipated from twirling endlessly on the tire swing.  As wonderful as the next era promises to be, I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness as this one ends.

Of course, we still want the children to be outside so we are coming up with new ways to make sure they continue to be drawn to the great outdoors.  I'm thinking another tree swing is a must.  Bryce is dreaming of zip lines, climbing walls and slack lines!  And Harris?  He's still lobbying hard for a trampoline!


  1. Look how little they are! So adorable.
    This post makes me so sad how fast they're growing up. Stay little!

  2. What a pleasure to see your 'two' men working together on the project. And figuring out and planning what challenging outdoor activity(s) to set up next. We are anxious to see what the next phase will be. Such capable young people!


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