Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Adirondacks with Friends

(on Punch Island)

Our friends, Barbara and Jon and their three children, Charlie, Emma and William, invited us to join them at their camp in the Adirondacks for a few days at the end of summer.  As I've written before, their camp is lovely and it has a way of working right into your heart.  Of course, that could be because while one stays there it's like being on the ultimate vacation; beautiful accommodations, lake time, good food, pretty hiking and lots of good company.

I thought I'd share the highlights of each day!

Day 1:  Coffee on the dock, hiking up Coney mountain (first mountain hike for William!), sliding down a natural waterslide (Bog River Falls), lots of lake time and kids dinner on the dock while adults lingered in the house eating together.

 Day 2:  A morning kayak, pancakes with the most delicious bacon, another hike to a meadow (this one on property), lake time and a magical night on Punch Island.

A note on Punch island: It's a small island in the middle of the lake that Jon grew up spending the night on on occasions.  This was the first time that Jon took his kids to camp for the night on the island.  They slept, without tents, under the stars.  As you can see, it's truly a magical island...

Day 3:  Woke up to dense fog, three out of six went for an early morning swim, I watched from the deck as the boys emerged from the fog as they paddled home, all the while singing at the top of their lungs, lake time where Harris got up on water skis the very first time he tried and Grace on her 3rd attempt, an epic brisket was roasted/smoked for 10 hours by a slightly obsessed Bryce, Barbara and I paddle boarded a great distance (at least it felt like that), and a most delicious meal was enjoyed with lots of lingering around the table well after the children had all fallen in bed utterly exhausted from the day!

Day 4:  Our last day was spent mostly on the lake (Harris caught his first fish this day!) before we headed home in the late afternoon.  It was such an amazing few days and we count ourselves as very blessed to have such gracious and generous friends.

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  1. Everything about that sounds and looks incredible! I'm so glad you got to share in such a special time together.


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