Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Flowers Make You Feel Better

The past couple of days I've been a bit blue.  For the past year I've been sure that a farmhouse we've had our eyes on would eventually be ours.  But it's become more and more apparent that I was wrong. In my head I've made all sorts of plans for that house and property, and folks, I've been dreaming big!  So now I've got to filter those thoughts out and it's a disappointment.  It feels like a lose but I'm not sure why because it was never mine to lose!  So today, since flowers always make one feel better, I'm just going to post pictures of my dahlias!  I hope you enjoy as I have!


  1. I'm sorry Anna. Keep on dreaming. Wherever you end up will be a wonderful home because you will make it so! Even if it means staying right there by your amazing garden. XO

  2. Your disappointment is ours also. The children have the blessing of spending most of their lives in the beautiful home that is presently yours. That is a jewel. The photos of your flowers are simply lovely and so welcome.


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