Friday, August 21, 2015

Philly and The Beach

My children love going on adventures, especially when it involves my friend, Gretchen, and family as something often goes hilariously wrong!  Last week, we had two adventures with two different families that I thought I'd share...

We took a trip to Philly to explore the city a bit (Grace's friend, Kathleen, was with us).  Our first stop was a pointe shoe shop, The Rosin Box, to get  new pointe shoes for Grace.  You guys, this is as close as we might ever get to a real life Ollivanders!  From the charming store front, to the witch lady who fits the shoes, to the stacks and stacks of pointe shoes, this place is where the shoes pick the dancer!

We ate lunch in the park and then went to the Franklin Museum.  The Lego Art exhibit there is really wonderful.  What the artist has done with legos is sort of mind blowing.

From there we tried to go get "the best pizza in America" but we arrived thirty minutes after they opened (at 6:00) and were told that we could get the last two pizzas of the night... to be picked up at 10:00 and 10:15!  Needless to say, we sadly passed on the pizza and ended up getting pizza somewhere else (that was still very tasty!).

Later in the weekend, we met Kathleen's family at the beach for a day in the sun!

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  1. That picture of those wholesome looking kids in the sand hole is perfection !


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