Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Peas and a Trellis

Back in the spring, when we visited Monticello, I was struck by the beauty of the trellis' that the gardeners used for beans and peas.  Basically, they took cuttings from trees/shrubs and used them to weave together a trellis for peas to climb.  I love the natural look that this adds to the garden.

When it came time to plant peas in my own garden, I decided to try to recreate the look.  Since I don't have willow branches, I used cuttings from my a lollipop hydrangea that needed a really good haircut.

I love how it turned out and it was perfect for the peas to climb!

Peas are one of the children's very favorite vegetables.  We always have bags of frozen peas on hand, but eating peas popped straight out of their shell was such a wonderful and delicious experience!

Harris would sit and help me shell the peas and I"m pretty sure he ate as many as he contributed to the bowl!

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