Wednesday, July 1, 2015

19 Years

Monday, June 29th was our 19th anniversary!  I would like to tell you that it was a glorious celebratory day, but it wasn't.  It was, in fact, a regular day like any other that ended at our community pool watching Harris in his first dive meet.

Our marriage, and our relationship, isn't perfect.  I don't go weak in the knees every single time I see him nor does he rush to throw a coat over every puddle before I walk through it.  Our marriage isn't a fairy tale.  There are times in our marriage where we are on the same page and there are times where I think that we need to work harder.  There are moments of deep connection and moments where we don't connect at all.  However, those moments of none connection don't worry or panic me as I know, deep down and in the fiber of my being, that we are in this for the long haul.  Bryce isn't flashy or an overly romantic guy, but I find, as I get older, that more than the romantic grand gestures (don't get me wrong, I'll take them!), I appreciate the fact that my husband keeps showing up, every day.  He's a good man, a good Dad and a good friend and I'll take that over a dozen roses any day.

We did, in fact, make it out to dinner last night to celebrate so we are not completely unromantic!


  1. Awe... so sweet. That is what it is about truly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples! (And your outfit is fabulous! So glad you were able to get out to celebrate!)

  3. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple inside and out.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! We have our 19th August 29th! WE were meant to be friends! :)


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