Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Favorite Things #49

Sadly, strawberry season is coming to a close around here.  These two to three weeks where strawberries are growing abundantly are the absolute best; we love fresh strawberries picked off the vine.

I've always disliked cutting the stem off a strawberry with a knife as you lose precious berry that way. A few year ago, I was given this little gadget for hulling strawberries and I love it!  It makes quick work of stemming berries without waste or fuss.  Most certainly worth the $7 and it's small so it doesn't take up valuable space.

So far this season, we have made berry crumble, strawberry doughnuts (for national doughnut day), strawberry salads, and several berry drinks (the Pimms being my favorite).  However, we have mostly enjoyed the strawberries straight from our hands!


  1. i need to get me one of those gadgets! and have you made strawberry fool? it's an ancient recipe and we just made it for the 1st time this year, it was delish and very easy. next year can you show me how to make jam?

  2. The berries look delish and so so fresh! We didn't ever try a strawberry garden, but my sisters did. Perhaps we weren't in one place long enough for it to appeal. Looks like the basket has found more good uses.


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