Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colorado, Part 2

It's Grace again for another post on my Colorado adventure! After I got home from camp on Saturday, we decided to take the Airstream out for a little trip. We loaded up the ATV, packed the Airstream, and were off! It was a long drive; about 4 hours. We stopped for lunch on the Cache La Poudre River and even saw some rafters going by.

When we continued our journey, the river ran alongside us for most of the way there. The views and the nature outside my window were amazing. Spring green hills, clear streams, majestic and snowy mountains in the distance.
The Cache La Poudre River

As we got farther and farther into the mountains, I began to see.......snow!! Small patches on the ground here and there. We stopped on the side of the road and I picked up a handful of my favorite season!

Our elevation was increasing rapidly, and we were getting closer and closer to our destination.

When we got to the Visitor Center, I was surprised to see a whole moose made out of barbed wire! I love moose. I also was overjoyed that we were in the moose capitol of Colorado!

After we spent one night at our campsite, the next morning we went to Cowboy Church. It was a great sermon, and we got to see all of the horses being corralled for the rodeo later that day. We went to the parade afterwards, went back to the camper for lunch and then we headed back to the town of Walden to watch the rodeo.

  This was the area for the Never Summer Rodeo!

 We watched bull and bronco riding.

 This was the best picture I took that day, and one of the best throughout the entire trip!

They had to make extremely tight turns around the barrels. Barrel Racing was my favorite event!

Coming back from Walden we saw this. Cows grazing on green grass with an endless sky stretching for miles dotted with tufts of white. Perfection. But wait, what's this? Llamas?! No, alpacas! 

We had a roaring fire and I ate more s'mores than were good for me! It was also really nice to wear my new Eagle Lake sweatshirt and my North Face hat everywhere!


Then Grandpa and I went out for a little ride in the RZR, just a taste of the big stuff; that was tomorrow!

The next morning, we had pancakes and bacon; my favorite!

 We saw these little fellows all the time, and we could definitely hear them as well!

This one is also one of my favorite pictures.

We went RZRing for a long time. It ended up with me driving! ( I must say, I parked it beside the truck with some pro accuracy.) We left that day, and going home we passed through the Continental Divide  and some really heavy storms.  



I was so happy that I got to witness some real Colorado weather; it changes in a heartbeat! The camping trip was my favorite part of staying with my awesome Grandparents, and I can't wait to share more of my adventuring!



  1. Wow Grace! You got to get a real taste of Colorado there! Snow in summer, weather changing on a dime, and a rodeo. So glad you enjoyed your time in our State! I hope sometime you get to come to the western side of those mountains, there is ton a beauty over here too! Can't wait to see more of what you did! Looks like a blast!

  2. I love reading Grace's adventures!!'

  3. Excellent writing! You are truly mastering your "voice". The hummingbird pictures are lovely.

  4. Beautiful well done post again, Grace! G'pa and I are totally enjoying seeing and hearing the experience thru your eyes and story-telling! You took some really great photos we didn't realize you took! What a pleasant surprise!

  5. ". . . I picked up a handful of my favorite season!" Grace, you are a talented writer!


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