Monday, July 7, 2014

Colorado Part 1

Grace is going to be guest posting about her amazing time in Colorado.  She's picking out all the pictures and everything is written by her without any additions by me.  I love hearing her thoughts and perspectives on her trip!  Enjoy!

Hello, it's Grace!  I just had the amazing privilege to go on a two week adventure to Colorado! I left the Northeast and flew over half the country on a plane, which I have never done by myself. It seemed like such a long 3-hour flight, but luckily I had my trusty books and even the movie, The Desolation of Smoug to get me through it. When I got to the Denver Airport, I was greeted by my two wonderful grandparents and we had a joyful reunion. We had to drive an hour to get to their house, so we stopped at the Denver Broncos Stadium at Mile High! I am a big fan of the Broncos, and I was so excited to see the stadium in person! Grandpa got me an authentic Broncos jersey, which might have just become my favorite souvenir on my trip.

On Sunday, we drove up through the foothills to get to Eagle Lake Camp. I would be spending a week there, and let me say that it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Ever since I heard Grandpa talk about it, I knew I wanted to go there.  It took a little convincing, as (of course) Mom and Dad didn't think I was ready to go by myself, but since my Grandpa works at Glen Eryie (they run the camp) it was easier. When we drove into the parking lot, a ton of the staff stood on either side of the car and we drove through them as they clapped, cheered, and yelled. It was awesome! 

The theme this year was Endless Summer and the Search for the Big Kahuna. The story of the Surf City International was told through some hilarious skits, and in the end I think all of us were closer to the Big Kahuna; God. 

In this picture, behind the cove sharks sign, is the Gaga Ball pit. This was pretty much the biggest thing at camp. Everybody played it in their free time and begged the counselors for one more game when we should've been heading to bed. I loved to play it and I even won a few games!

I was in the cabin Magnolia, which was in the light blue section. I had Mari as my awesome counselor and mentor. She was the most amazing, fun, caring, funny and trustworthy person ever. My cabin mates were also really great and at the end of the week we all exchanged numbers, emails and Instagrams. It was so fun!  In this week, these guys became my friends and Mari was like an older sister to all of us!

This is the Vomitron (the name degrades it, only two people have ever actually vomited), officially called the Flight Simulator. This was probably my favorite thing to do in Free Time.  It is so insanely fun! I rode it 13 times in four days. I even got an skill award for being the Insanest Flippity Vomitroner!

This is a crummy picture of the Zippy Rocks. You have to hike for a while to get there, and when you do, you get harnessed up and ready to zip! One of my favorite parts of zippy is getting started. You have to run and jump off of a platform to get going, and I loved jumping into nothing before it caught me and I rocketed over the lake. The Blob Master pulled up a bucket of water and threw it at you from his tower when you shot past him. Capture the Flag was also one of the best things! We went deep into the woods and got team paint all over our faces and had an awesome time! There was also the C Squad, who got Cheerios and tried to get as many into the opposing teams bucket as possible! 

This is my Dippy Tag. To get it, I woke up at 6am every morning and jumped into the freezing cold lake. When I say freezing, you have no idea- it knocks the breath out of you. But it was worth it! Michael, one of the boy counselors, would jump in with his shoes on and then come out yelling, "DIPPY CLUB!!" at the top of his lungs and beating his chest. It was really funny! By the way, brother cabins are a boy cabin that you do pretty much everything with.  You have dinner at the same table and they make up your small team. Magnolia and Lakota (us) were the Death Vally Divers! In the end, we were ranked in second place which was really, really good! The big teams were the Rip Tide Riders and the Big Surf Shredders.  I was on the Big Surf Shredders and we won the whole thing!!

This is also a really bad picture, but it is a really cool toy called the Summit Express/Aqua Glide. You climb up on one side and slide down the other. You can also just hang out in the middle. You had to wear wetsuits and life vests. The lake and beach were really fun. We played Nuke Em' and built castles on the beach, and did kayaking and canoeing and used all the water toys on the lake. On Thursday, we did the Maximus. It is basically a giant relay race around the whole camp, ending with the legendary lemon-eating. Oh yes, the people selected from each small team ( a girl cabin and their brother cabin) have to eat a whole lemon with only one glass of water. It was awesome to watch! Afterwards, everybody gathered on the beach for throw-ins. All the staff and counselors chased people around, and with the help of another person, they thew someone into the lake. Campers could also throw someone in. I threw Mari in, but a couple of boys from our brother cabin Lakota threw me in!

I must say I had an awesome time and will really miss this place!

*The picture on the top of the page is the Blob. I almost fell off when I did it but it was probably the best thing I did! It was so fun!


  1. How fun! What a great experience for her! Glad she loved Colorado!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, Grace. I enjoyed reading your first post. :)

  3. 1st...I am very impressed with your writing skills Grace! I really enjoyed reading every word and couldn't help but wonder if my kids could fly out there and meet you next they can have as much fun as you did!!

    It looks like a fantastic time! :) And you made it safely home to write about it!
    I remember sending Brooke off for her first flight alone...and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to pick her back up from the airport...and safely into my arms! :)

    I am excited to follow you on instagram and watch all your adventures. If you want to follow Brooke...she is brookinis_jorgie!! Chelsea doesn't have one yet..but is waiting anxiously for us to allow her to! :)

  4. I stumbled across your blog today while searching for some photos of Eagle Lake. My daughter has been going to camp here for several years. We are fortunate to live in Colorado now (we moved here from Philadelphia). I wanted you to know that I read through your Colorado adventures and it made me excited about new things I can do here. Also, Keep writing. You have beautiful composition and imagery in your writing. Thank you for sharing!


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