Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Bread and Vegetable Bin

Years ago, I pinned an image on Pinterest and have had it tucked away as something lovely that I would like in my kitchen.  Last fall, I sent the image to Al and asked him if he thought he could make me something of the sort and that's exactly what he did!

The bread bin is absolutely gorgeous and my pictures don't do it justice.  Al made it out of dark walnut (the same wood he made our bedroom furniture out of) and added glass to the doors.  The doors actually slide forward and backward so that one has easy access to items in the bin from the front or the back.

The vegetable bin does leave a lot of wasted space but, as of now, we are lucky in that we have plenty of storage and can afford the space!

I love them.  They are such a pleasure to use and see everyday!  


  1. Oh I love the onion and potato storage! I saw something similar last week on Young House Love and thought iy was so clever. Yours are just beautiful! He did a wonderful job!

  2. Of course YOU have a bread and vegetable drawer...because you think of everything! :)


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