Friday, July 25, 2014

Rainier Cherries and Snowy Peaks

Hello, hello!  We got back late Wednesday night from a wonderful trip to Washington State! Remember Bryce's summit attempt of Mt. Rainier last summer?  Last week he and Jack made attempt #2 and we decided to join them in their adventure and explore some of the beautiful state of Washington.   The evening before we left, we celebrated our upcoming adventure with Meringue Snow Peaks and Rainier Cherries.

Did you know that Rainer cherries are actually named after Mt. Rainier? They are a very finicky cherry to grow and a 1/3 of the crop is eaten by birds!  That accounts for their rather high price tag and small window of availability.

I have approximately one million and two photos to go through and post!  Next week, you might be overwhelmed with travel photos!  I'll offer my apologies now.

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