Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

I hope that everyone had the loveliest of Easters just as we did.  As we were gone for 9 days before Easter we didn't have any of the lead up to Easter Sunday- no egg hunts, egg painting or carrot dinners! I felt a little guilty about missing a year but I let it go and honestly, I didn't hear any complaints since we were busy living it up in California!

After church, we went to my sister's house to have lunch together.  She fixed a delicious Easter meal complete with my favorite dessert- creme brûlée (lavender no less!).  It was a really nice afternoon spent with family!

(this was one of our Grandmother's china patterns- so lovely)

It seems silly to post this picture of me that Harris snapped, but I wanted to note my vintage (ish) Easter dress. I found it at the consignment store for next to nothing and loved it!


  1. It appears attractive table settings run in the family. Lovely family photo. Would not have guessed the dress was vintage. Classic and classy.


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