Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grace's Color Scheme

Grace's room is slowly but surely coming together.  For something that wasn't ever a complete room redo its really taken some time to figure out exactly how to proceed.  Once we got her new bed, dresser and bulletin board in place and settled, things slowed down a bit.   One thing has led to another and before we knew it wasn't just a coat of paint and a new mattress but new sheets and blankets to fit said new mattress.  Which of course leads to more money being spent.  I don't mind spending a little extra on a lovely wool rug but why are curtain rods so expensive?  Anyway, here's the basic color scheme that's happening in Grace's room.  We kept pretty neutral with the pops of color coming in bed and the rug.  We needed to keep some pink in the room since there are certain things that we are not replacing (Grace's shelves which have a pink wallpaper on the back) but instead of a baby pink or even a hot pink we went with more of a raspberry color.  I hope that it will mature well with her through middle and high school.  

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