Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Close Call

(chicken soup I made at the start of the bug)

Hello!  We are back from our wonderful California adventure, and though I'm looking forward to going through the pictures and writing posts about our vacation, I have to share how it almost looked like we weren't going to get to go as planned.  Our travel day was on a Thursday and on Monday I got a call from Grace's school that she was ill and needed to come home.  She was in fact so ill that she ended the day in the hospital receiving fluids and Zofran to help stop the continuous nausea she was experiencing. It was a doozy of a stomach bug and we were all thankful that she got it before our vacation.  However, on Wednesday Harris awoke at 5 in the morning with it and though it wasn't as severe as Grace's he was still down for the count.  Wednesday afternoon, I started feeling not so great and was miserable (and of no use- thank goodness I had already packed) for the rest of the evening.

You guys, we seriously had no idea what to do!  Our tickets and hotel (Disney) were none refundable and I didn't buy travel insurance (I never have, do you?).  Thankfully, we awoke Thursday morning feeling ok enough to literally limp onto the plane.  We all started feeling better from there and fortunately Bryce never got ill.  However, the children didn't start eating normally until well into our vacation which was a bit of a bummer.   So there you have it, the vacation that was scarily close to not happening!

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