Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools

In the past, we've had fun food for April Fool's Day but this year I just wasn't together enough to make it happen!  However, the children had lots of fun playing a few pranks on their Dad!  The classic "replace the filling to an Oreo with toothpaste" was a particularly fun prank to play since Bryce loves Oreos.

We also tried to get him with spilled milk on the keyboard (our glue didn't dry all the way so we put it on the wax paper!)...

I think Harris saved the best for last.  As I was brushing my teeth at the end of the evening my mouth was suddenly on fire!  Harris had put hot sauce on my tooth brush.  The little stinker!


  1. HaaHaaa! I love kids pranks best of all!

  2. These were just too funny! We missed out on fooling our parents when growing up. That was reserved for classmates. You are good sports.

  3. I've done the toothpaste/oreo trick, so fun!


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