Thursday, November 7, 2013

Invitations for a Magic Party

Grace has a friend who is quite good at card tricks and from the moment Harris met him, and witnessed a few of these tricks, he has been really taken with performing some of his own card tricks.  Therefore, when we were deciding what to do for a birthday party it was an obvious choice to choose a magical theme!
We designed an invitation that resembled a playing card with a picture of Harris on the front and the party information on the back.  Harris has always had a fondness for "getting into character" so he was game for throwing on his magic cape and hat that he has had for years.  Also, I love that he arranged the front card to be a 9 (his age).  I didn't even notice this until after we made the invitation!

Since the invitations were so little, the size of a playing card, we just made small pocket envelopes for them by cutting a strip of paper and gluing the sides shut with hot glue.  Harris stuck some star stickers on the front for a little extra pizzaz.  The only problem with the envelopes?  They were so small that at least one person didn't even see it in their mailbox!  


  1. Those are pretty cool. I am always impressed with how unique the details are of your parties!


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