Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitted Socks

Children who attend a Waldorf school typically learn how to knit before they learn to read.  Waldorf believes that knitting is excellent for brain and personal development.  Personally, I believe that creating something by hand and having a sense of pride and accomplishment goes a long way in todays world.

Grace entered Waldorf pretty late in the game, but she still took to knitting pretty quickly (here's the gnome she made for Harris last year).  Last year, as part of the 5th grade curriculum, every student knitted a pair of socks.  It took Grace a while to finish hers, but she finally brought them home a few weeks ago. They are too bulky to wear as regular socks, but she does wear them around the house as slippers!  Also?  I bought these pants for Grace at the end of summer.  Why are they already too short?


  1. Lovely socks! My 7 year old son started knitting lessons this summer, he has wanted to knit since he was about 4. He is working on hand warmers now. I think it is great for kids to knit.

  2. Awesome! That will be a skill she will use a lot in life. I wish I would've learned when I was young. Ezra (also late in the game) is learning to finger knit. I figure after he gets the hang of that we may move onto actual knitting! I may need to learn first so I can help him. haha.

  3. Very impressive. Really good-looking, warm-looking socks. My first attempt at knitting was a ribbed sweater for myself in high school. Only thing was. . . it fit my dad! Nice job, Grace!

  4. That is so cool! I love that they teach knitting before reading!


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