Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Copper Drink Dispenser

When we were on vacation in Cape Cod, Gretchen and I took a couple of hours to go antiquing while the children and husbands visited the outdoor center.  At our first stop I spotted this copper drink dispenser and immediately knew that I wanted it.  What followed was a complete comedy of errors by all parties involved...

The dispenser had just been brought in and the lady who owned the store had not priced it yet.  When Gretchen and I started looking at the dispenser we couldn't figure out how to open it!  We unscrewed a screw (all under the watchful eye of the owner), we debated about whether the brass portion came off, we even discussed shearing the top right off!  The owner said to make an offer, I threw out $40 and she took it!  I couldn't get it out of there fast enough!



When we got home, I was showing Bryce the dispenser and asking him to try to work on the lid, when he lifted the lid right off with no effort!  Now, I promise that not one of us in the store, including the owner, was able to get that lid off.  I don't know if it was stuck or if we were just that clueless but when the top lifted right off we felt rather silly! 

Once we got the lid off we discovered that the inside was in really rough shape and it wouldn't be at all safe to drink out off*.  Therefore, my deal of a dispenser ended up costing a rather pretty penny in that getting it re-tinned turned out to be an expensive and labor intensive job.  Through my research I discovered that there are really only two re-tinners in the country that I wanted to trust the dispenser with.  I went with Jim at East Coast Tinning and he did an outstanding and beautiful job!  He also polished all the copper and brass!

The dispenser is so beautiful (even more so in person) and its dings, dents, and scratches give it history and a lovely patina.  I love that we now get to add our own history to it's story.

*When Ron saw the inside of the dispenser his first words were, "No way am I ever drinking out of that!"  I'm happy to report that he has and it was without fear!


  1. Wow, it is gorgeous! What a lovely piece to add to your events.

  2. You're amazing! I would have used it as a flower pot! You are so resourceful....

  3. It is beautiful, Anna. It truly would be special to know its story. Can you discover where it originated? It will certainly be cherished and have an interesting life now that it has begun a new chapter with you. Imagine it being the subject of a child's book! You have a fine start with those snapshots and your knowledge and love of books.

  4. I really do need to go antiqueing with you so that I can learn the secrets!


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