Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Harris

This boy.  He's a total mess much of the time- grass stains on his knees, dirt under his fingernails, socks that are stinky and a mass of curls that just won't quit.  Last week he broke an attic window while playing a game with a hacky sack!  And yet no matter how crazy he might be, at the end of the day, when he is all tucked into bed and he says to me, "Mom, I is loving you" I can't help but melt and admit that he is pretty awesome (I can say that as his Mom, right?).  We were so blessed when he joined our family.   Here are the the top ten things that I love , or drive me crazy, about Harris.  All are things that I want to remember about this son of mine.

1.  He can't stop doing card tricks.  If I've heard, "Pick a card, any card" once I've heard it a million times.

2.  He's a bit of a slob.  At any given moment his room looks like a tornado came through.

3.  He worships his father.  If there is ever a choice between his Dad or myself, he will always choose his Dad (it doesn't bother me one bit).

4.  He has had the same best friend he's had since he was 4.  He loves his buddies!

5.  He's a piddler.  It will take him 15 minutes to do what should take 2, simply because he finds 20 other more interesting things to do in between.

6.  He LOVES to be read to.  Sure, he will read on his own but he much prefers his Dad, his sister or his Mom to read him a story.

7.  He has informed us that he is going to be a baseball player and during the off season he will be a magician.

8.  His favorite food is steak or pork ribs.

9.  He's always up to give hugs or cuddle and he will even hold my hand (until he gets within the vicinity of his friends!).  When he was little he would tell me every few minutes that he loved me and he will still randomly do so.  It warms my heart.

10.  He's still desperate for a dog.

P.S.  Tomorrow I'll post pictures from his magical birthday party!


  1. Awe- little boys are the best. They hold a special place with thier mommies. I am glad I am not the only one who has a slob on her hands! haha.

  2. Happy Birthday Harris! We love you!

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