Thursday, May 23, 2013

Great Expectations

Years ago, while a student at The University of Georgia, I set a goal for myself to read all of the classics.  One of the first books I read was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, and I immediately loved it.  I've just finished it again and though I found the first half slower than I remembered, I still loved it even though I knew all the major plot-lines!

This past Valentine's Day, Bryce gave me the Kate Spade* Great Expectations Book Clutch and I adore it.  It's such a fun clutch to carry and I adore the colors and graphics (and it was perfect for Valentines!).

*He got the clutch during one of their private sales- with the use of a coupon it was well under $100!


  1. Love it! I got a Kate Spade valentine too. Lucky valentines. :)

  2. Love it!!!!! You have such incredible style!

  3. You guys are the best treasure finders!


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