Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Bourbon Trail and Churchill Downs

Hello there!  Remember when I mentioned that April and May were busy?  I wasn't kidding.  It's been busy in a fabulous sort of way and has involved a fair amount of travel.  This week, Bryce and I took a rode trip to the beautiful countryside of Kentucky!

We met our dear friends, Mark and Lori, and took two days to explore the Bourbon Trail!  Bryce and Mark have talked about doing the Bourbon Trail tour for a long time and we were absolutely thrilled to make it happen.  Spending time with these two and doing such interesting and fun stuff made for a perfect and dreamy couple of days!


Visiting and touring the distilleries was absolutely fascinating; I now know more about bourbon than I ever thought possible!  The distilleries have a lot of history and many of the facilities we visited were very old and quite beautiful.  Each distillery had it's own unique character and we learned something interesting and new at each distillery.

Buffalo Trace Distillery

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Four Roses Distillery

Makers Mark Distillery

Jim Beam Distillery

At the end of each tour, we were given the opportunity to sample the bourbons.  Mark and Bryce greatly appreciated this part of the tour, while Lori and I tried to gain new appreciation for the stuff!

Even though we weren't there for the Kentucky Derby, we did go to Churchill Downs and watch a couple of horse races.  It was totally thrilling to be there so close to the Derby and was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

 this picture makes me laugh because the horses were going so fast and I couldn't keep up

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