Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pewter Plates

Last fall, while shopping at a local consignment store, I came upon these pewter (actually an aluminum based alloy) dishes and bowls.  I loved them right away, but was unsure if the price was reasonable or not (just under $100 for 12 dishes and 6 bowls!).  I did a bit of research and discovered that they were Wilton Armetale and still were being sold new and for $45 a plate.  I even came across a post where Design Mom wrote about her Armetale dishes!

I snatched them up and have been so glad that I did.  I love that they can go from oven to table and are virtually indestructible.  We've decided to use the plates in the airstream and we purchased beautiful wood handled silverware to use as well.


  1. Oo, that's an amazing idea to use these in your camper. Truly astounding. Shiny and beautiful!

  2. You are good at finding amazing items! :)


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