Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Tree for Grace and A Tree for Harris

When we were still living in Georgia, and right after Grace was born, we planted a beautiful tree that bloomed right around her birthday!  I loved having a tree that heralded her birthday with beautiful pink blossoms!  However, once we moved here it was clear that nothing would be blooming at the end of February, no matter how early of a bloomer it was.  Therefore, a tree was never planted for either of the children.  This past fall we set out to rectify that sad oversight!

Even though we couldn't find a tree that would bloom around February, we did look for a tree that bloomed earlier in the spring and one that was feminine, pretty and graceful.  We chose a weeping cherry tree and were so excited to see it bloom this spring.

For Harris, we chose a maple that would show it's beautiful colors around his birthday in November.  A maple seemed like a masculine and strong choice for our very boyish boy!

I'm so looking forward to watching the children grown right along with the trees!

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  1. Love this. We are moving to a new house and we have the idea of planting a fruit tree for each of our boys. One of my friends who grew up on a farm with 6 siblings told me about how her father planted an orchard with a fruit tree for each child and I fell in love with the idea.


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