Friday, February 15, 2013

Grace's Valentines

Grace's class did not exchange Valentine's with the whole class but rather with one other student.  They picked names out of a hat, rather like a secret santa, and were instructed to make a Valentine for their pick and perhaps give a little token (chocolate, etc.).  Grace's Valentine doesn't care for chocolate so she made strawberry hand-pies instead.  We used this pdf to print directly on a kraft bag that we were able to slide the hand-pie into (we also used a wax liner inside the bag).  Since the Valentine was for a 5th grade boy, Grace felt good about using the kraft paper and keeping it not mushy gushy!

The Valentine that Grace made was all her idea and I think it is so cute.  She used twine and then used the phrase, "Valen-twine."  I told her it was Martha worthy and she beamed!

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