Monday, February 4, 2013

Groundhogs and Footballs

Saturday, to celebrate Groundhogs Day, I made these cute little groundhog push pops.  They were easy to put together and I didn't have to buy anything special.

I used my favorite one bowl chocolate cake batter, a large tootsie roll, and a few pieces of candy/decorations.  If you stick the tootsie roll in the microwave for a few seconds it becomes moldable and the decorations will stick easily if they are attached quickly (you can also use a bit of corn syrup).  A miniature cupcake fits perfectly in the push pop container and I used a simple buttercream frosting for the snow.

Since I didn't need a lot of small cupcakes, I used some of the batter and frosting to make footballs for the Superbowl.  To get the shape of the football, I used an easter egg pan that I already had.  Seriously, they couldn't have been easier and I think they turned out cute.

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  1. Great Job!!
    They are both perfect..and adorable!


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