Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Things #30

For each of the children's birthdays, we always have a pancake breakfast to celebrate the start of their special day.  Typically, I put a candle smack in the middle of the stack of pancakes but that usually results in the candle wax melting inside the pancakes!  Therefore, I was smitten right away when I saw this set of number candle holders from Mariposa!

They do their job perfectly and I can envision all sorts of uses for them on cupcakes, cakes and anything else sturdy enough to hold up the numbers!  My only conundrum is what to do when Grace turns 11 this month?  There is not two of any number!

*I found them at a local store, where I was able to use a 25% coupon! Sweet.


  1. Oh, I have always admired those! Never thought about double digits though.... I'm sure you will think of something fabulous!

  2. I like those too. Perhaps another 25% coupon will surface and you can buy another set. Or......a nice gift idea for you from someone in town.

  3. 5 & 6 = 11 perhaps?

  4. Wow!!! Adorable!!! Every house hold needs a set of those!


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