Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today, Grace, the girl who stole our hearts from the very first moment we laid eyes on her, turns 11.
I know that I'm her Mom, so of course I'm partial, but she is awesome.  Eleven years ago, I never could have foreseen the wonderful girl she's turned into.  As much as I want to stop time, I also can't wait to watch and see where she goes from here.  I just know it will be somewhere amazing and I just feel blessed to be along for the ride.  Here's what we are loving about her right now...

She's an outdoor lover and nature girl.  She loves adventure, and I foresee a lot of them in her future.

She's the kind of girl that when she asks what's for dinner and I respond that's it's cream of cauliflower soup she says, "Ooh, yummy."

She's kind and she thinks of others.  When we were making her birthday treat to take into school she was a little worried about fashioning the pretzels into a letter "G."  I thought it might be because she was embarrassed to take in the homemade pretzels, but it turns out she just didn't want to make it all about her!  Also, she leaves love notes around the house for everyone.

When she's reading a book she becomes completely involved and pretty much wants to inhabit that world.  Like mother, like daughter I say (I still want to be invited to Hogwarts).

She really loves her "red" hair and gets very worried when it starts to look blonder during the summer.

She hasn't yet asked for a phone, or to be on Instagram, or for an itouch.  I'm sure it's coming, but I'm so glad we are not there yet.

She gravitates towards boys as her good friends.  Ever since I can remember she has always had good boy friends.  She says they are interesting and fun and don't have so much drama.

She loves traditions and family time.

Her brother is her "best buddy."  He may drive her crazy at times (and he does!) but she still prefers him above all others as her playmate.

She's been slightly obsessed with The Lord of the Rings for the past year.


  1. Happy Birthday Grace! We love and miss you!

  2. As a stranger who avidly reads your blog, I guess I can only have an outsider's view, but I feel I know a bit about your family from your posts, and I have to say that Grace seems just the most unspoilt and sweet child - as does Harris!
    Well done you xxx

  3. I can't believe she is 11!!
    It has been so fun to watch the kids grow through the web! :)
    I love how you used the special silver numbers!


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