Monday, October 1, 2012

A Desk for Harris

When we originally put Harris' room together, I had intended for the workbench that Al built for him to also do double duty as a desk.  However, it hasn't worked out that way since Harris truly uses it as a workbench! Grace's desk has been used every single day since it's been built for everything from crafts, to homework, to journal writing or for dreaming.  Therefore, I was anxious to provide a space for Harris to do the same.

In keeping with the the feel of his room I decided that a sawhorse desk would be ideal.  Bryce made the base of the desk with basic supplies from Home Depot (under $50!).  The top is plywood and needed to be covered.  I originally had oil cloth in mind but quickly discovered that it's impossible to find natural-looking oil cloth; it's all bright white or colored.  We ended up using a natural waxed cotton and it's perfect.  I just love the way it looks!

The shelves on either side of his desk are Elfa shelves from the Container Store.  A funny story: I started putting his shelves together one day while he was at school and as I was doing so I said to Bryce, "I bet he starts rearranging these shelves as soon as he gets home."  True to form, he wasn't home for more than 10 minutes before I found he and Grace rearranging away!

Have I mentioned how much I love this crazy kid?!


  1. What an appropriate desk for Harris' room! And tin cans to hold pencils. What a fun colorful chair! Never would have guessed from the photos that the finish on the top isn't wood. After enlarging the photos we enjoyed seeing the items on the shelves & floor. Love that he arranged things to suit himself.

  2. You home is perfectly organized...I need some help...especially in our new home...I'm space deprived!!


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