Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baseball Invitations

Just yesterday Harris and I delivered the invitations for his upcoming birthday party.  Harris has a very specific idea what he wants to do this year for his birthday and it includes playing a game of baseball with his buddies.

For the invitation a baseball was the obvious choice.  I started out by drawing the stitches on the ball but then figured I might as well use real stitches on the card!  (I had lots of time sitting at Grace's ballet rehearsals!).

After I cut out the circles, Bryce drew on the stitches for me to embroider over.  It was useful to have an outline and any pencil markings were easily erased when I was done embroidering.  I used heavy paper and red embroidery thread.

I just happened to have little kraft paper bags that the invitations fit in perfectly.  Using a circle cutter I cut circles out of plain white sheet labels and drew on little stitches.  These were perfect to seal shut the envelope.  Baseball stamps (for those that were mailed) were a cute finishing touch!


  1. these are perfect! Can't wait for the party details...you always have the best!

  2. Cute! My son had a baseball party for his 4th birthday 2 years ago and it was so much fun! I am anxious to see the party so I can say "Why didn't I think of that?". (See my son's party on my blog www.hereonhartland.blogspot.com, check for the details on a post either during May or June 2011)

  3. How nice! I like the idea and it's not so hard to make.


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