Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012 (A Hamburger and The Hamburglar)

Once again my Mom has created adorable and beautiful costumes for the children.  She really does an outstanding job with the costumes, and I hope that the children realize how blessed they are to have a Grandma who is willing and able to put that much time and effort into their costumes!  Thank you Mom!

We had a little bit of a hard time coming up with costume ideas this year.  Once Grace decided to be a hamburger we brainstormed ideas for Harris (hotdog, french fries, etc.) but Harris wasn't excited about any of them.  He was even unsure about being the Hamburglar until we showed him a picture.  Once he saw the Hamburglar, he decided that wearing a cape, mask and being a "criminal" was a rather fun idea!

It's pretty funny how Harris "gets in character" as soon as he puts on the costume! He had a great time hamming it up for these pictures!


  1. Wow this type of costume is marvelous and great costumes for children. I really like this amazing costumes. Its look too good.

  2. I always look forward to your children's Halloween costumes. Did your Mom make the ornaments again this year too?

  3. Erin- Thank you! My Mom is working on them now!

  4. okay! i'm dying how cute they are! seriously!!!!? what are they going to be this year?!


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