Monday, June 18, 2012

Raspberries + Chocolate Chips

Have you ever stuck a chocolate chip into a raspberry?  They are a perfect fit and a perfect compliment to each other!

I had spotted this clever little trick on Pinterest, but not until I had some at a friends house was I smitten with the idea (she used a white chocolate chip).  For our Father's Day breakfast, we had a bowl of fruit and the little bites of chocolate were a welcome surprise!  Delicious and easy will always win in my book! 

P.S.  How neat is it that the German pancake looks like it is glowing?!?


  1. This is brilliant!
    My kids will be thrilled to find a hidden treasure!
    I love the glowing German pancake!

  2. yummy yummy and not to unhealthy!!! :) ohhh and very pretty-- just like everything you do!!


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