Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

My children are so lucky to have Bryce as their Dad!  I'm so thankful for his level headedness, his willingness to "go throw the ball one more time",  and, most especially, his limitless love and support of these children of ours.    We celebrated his awesomeness today with a delicious breakfast, relaxing time on the porch and a fun cookout with other awesome Dads.  

I was so excited about my Father's Day gift to Bryce!  I found this vintage 1981 Coleman Cooler on ebay and it doesn't appear to ever have been used.  It seemed appropriately manly and cool.

In honor of the Dads, I made this Chocolate Guinness cake to take to our potluck cookout.  It was quite yummy!


  1. Great way to celebrate the great Dads! We totally agree with your choice of a cooler. We have the older brother to it which was purchased new in the 1970s. It is our favorite cooler and definitely shows it! If it could only talk.

  2. I think you two are the best gift givers ever!
    It's always out side the box....I seem to live in the box? :)
    Looks like a perfect day to celebrate a great father!

  3. Fun. I have got to make that cake for my husband. Being from Ireland means he LOVES Guinness!

  4. awesome in EVERY WAY possible!!!!!!

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